FilePair Rewards

Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates per 1000 Downloads

Size Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D
0-* MB $7 $4 $2 $1

Tier A United States, Canada

Tier B Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, United Kingdom

Tier C Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Poland, Norway

Tier D All other countries


- We pay for all files starting from 0 MB.

- All completed and incomplete downloads are counted as qualified downloads.

- Minimum payout is: $10.

- Payments are sent on the last 5 days of next month (NET30).
*Example: withdrawal requests in January will be sent at any time in the last 5 days of February.

- We pay using PayPal, WebMoney and BTC.

- 5% payout fee.

- We have the right to update these plans whenever required.

- Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed.

- Removing of files with earnings deliberately will not be paid.

- No profit when IP match file uploader IP.

- No profit when downloading your own files.

- Max 1 count for unique IP every 24 hours